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And what does it Matter?


The smarthome standard Matter pursues the idea of combining many different manufacturers and technologies in home automation under one technology.

Born out of the need for uniformity and to create clarity for consumers, the pioneers Google, Apple and Amazon have joined forces and developed a new standard — Matter.

Until now, many manufacturers and solutions have been working without an inter-compatible standard. This means that 3 different smart light bulbs may require 3 gateways with 3 different apps — a major disadvantage, especially if the consumer does not know which system he needs or can use.

How does Matter work

Matter is driven by the CSA (formerly Zigbee Alliance) and is the name for the IP-based application protocol developed in the Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP). The aim of Matter is to create a worldwide common smart home standard for the first time.

Supported by
the most important
ecosystem providers

The most important providers of smart home ecosystems are behind Matter. This offers advantages for users and manufacturers alike. Products with Matter technology can be integrated into any of these ecosystems by the user without any hurdles. Manufacturers, on the other hand, will probably no longer need separate tests of their products against the different ecosystems in addition to Matter certification.

via a common layer

Smart home devices with Matter technology use a common application layer as well as a standardised data model. This means that they can always communicate with each other in a meaningful way – regardless of the manufacturer, the (wireless) technology used or the associated smart home ecosystem.

Communikation is
secure and private

The Matter Protocol relies on best practices from the communications industry for security and privacy. This guarantees a comprehensive and robust security standard – every message is encrypted, every device is secure.

Implemen­tation of Matter
with Insta

This is our business. Over the past 50 years, we have developed and manufactured almost every conceivable product that exists in the field of building automation. The most innovative symbioses of electronics and software, which are used in the most diverse buildings. With Matter, we are now entering a new era. One in which we will unify, if not revolutionise, the smarthome experience of the consumer world.

We certainly have the power to do so: under our roof, we combine decades of knowledge, the shortest paths, 360-degree perspectives and the irrepressible will of the Sauerland region to make things perfect.

Matter is exactly our business.

Areas of application for
appliances with Matter

Integration into
existing systems

Unity must be integrable. After all, Matter was created to simplify things. And not to complicate them unnecessarily. But the latter would certainly be the case if the standard were not convergent with existing systems. They would have to be replaced in their entirety – simple is not the way to go. For this reason, we design our Matter solutions in such a way that they can be easily integrated into existing structures.

Cooperation on new developments

To accompany an innovative solution from the idea to market maturity is something great – without question. But being involved in one is just as good. As experienced pioneers in the field of building automation, we are happy to put the know-how we have accumulated over decades at your disposal for new developments. Or we can get you on board with our projects. No matter which variant it comes down to: In the end, innovations are just a matter of time.

Production of your products

The production of your ideas means more to us than just putting together different components. Insta production begins with our adaptability and ends with your satisfaction. With a maximum of flexibility and customer service, we can fulfil almost any wish you may have. No matter whether you want us to realise it in a small or a large series. The production of your ideas is in good hands with us and fully automated facilities.

Consultation on
technical questions

Some solutions are just a question of the right technology. Answering this question may not be so easy. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Matter Smarthome technology. In this way, we ensure that you always find the right solution for your needs.

Trust creates success – a selection of our customers

The Future
is now

The future begins with a decision. The decision to create something new and trend-setting. Should you make this decision and decide to usher in a new era with your product, we would be very pleased if we could accompany you on this path. The future is now – we are ready to hear from you.

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